I am a CHRISTIAN WOMAN, doing everything in my power to do it GOD’s way. Although that isn’t always an easy task, I believe that GOD honors my efforts. I am a PROFESSIONAL WOMAN. I am always about my business, both personally and professionally. My personal goals far exceed my current status. However, I enjoy the lessons learned while on this journey. I am a SINGLE WOMAN, who is always mindful to maximize this liberty while I can. I expect this status to change someday soon, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying life and I’m enjoying ME.  I am an HONEST WOMAN. For me, honesty is a level of respect that should be given and received. It reflects a person’s integrity. I am an ENCOURAGING & MOTIVATING WOMAN! I believe that everyone deserves the best, regardless of their past or present circumstance. All of life’s experiences are just a precursor to your future. Expect greatness and that’s exactly what you will receive!!